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Russia’s Russian officer and his daughter murdered – Russia warns spies?

Russia’s Russian officer and his daughter murdered – Russia warns spies?

The 66-year-old Sergei Scrippell, son of 33, was arrested in Salsbury, a Russian intelligence officer with a son, 33 years old Julia, in one of the shopping centers. After that she was taken to both hospitals and was taken to resuscitation … According to the original version, they were in the center of disinfection They were poisoned after conducting, but later reported the reports They were deliberately poisoned.

Law enforcers suspect that the father and son were poisoned by unknown substances, but the answers of the toxicological survey will be in the coming days. But as the BBC writes, the political crisis between the UK and Russia may be escalated after this fact.

In the case of the Russian tragedy in the scourge of poisoning, Foreign Minister Boris Johnson plans to make a “sharp and strong” response to Russia. According to him, if Russia’s involvement in this was confirmed, it is hard to imagine how much of the Great Britain should attend the Football World Cup in Russia (it is about the official delegation, not the football team). According to the British minister, it does not bother anyone, but it does not shy away from saying that “Russia is harmful and destructive.”

According to the publication, after the alleged poisoning of Sergei Scrippal and his daughter, local media once again condemned the poisoning of Russian intelligence and former officer Alexander Litvinenko, which ended up fatally.

After staying in Russia was dangerous for him, Litvinenko flew to Britain in 2006, but from there he continued to criticize Putin … Then he was poisoned and killed by Polonia. In the UK, the investigation found that Litvinenko, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)

Sergei Scripeli, born in 1951, served for a long time in the main intelligence agency of Russia and then left his job as a colonel. In the course of several years, he worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

In 2004, FSB was convicted for espionage in Britain. He was charged with state treason. According to the charges filed for the script, he has been working for Britain since 1995 and even after leaving the intelligence service, they were given secret information through their old secret links … In a word, the script was sentenced to 13 years in prison. However, in the course of negotiations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2010, along with three other defendants for espionage were released. Then the FBI released 10 Russian spies. The script left Russia when it was released, and after that, he moved to the UK to live with his family.

Julia Script, who was poisoned with her father

According to the BBC, the close surroundings of the script, he always feared that “someday” from Russia. According to them, the wife and brother of Scripture died in suspicious circumstances during the past two years. The 43-year-old officer of the Officer has recently died in an unsuccessful journey in St. Petersburg.

Britain claims that local relevant services will investigate the possible poisoning of the script. Now it is important for the experts to determine whether they are traces of poisoning in the former officer and his daughter’s body, and they may cause their health to deteriorate …

In turn, the Russian president said about 400 agents from foreign intelligence. He ordered special services, FSB to find out how they managed to get into political, economic and defense agencies and get information … In recent years, foreign agents have increased in Russia and they use modern methods of agent.


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