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The charm of daily life is full of adventures

The charm of daily life is full of adventures

Get to know a family that lives on the ship One day on the social network, on a page I visited a Georgian-American family who traveled on their ships and traveled to different parts of the world; Have a blog where they share their impressions. Their life is an adventure movie that starts with Lovestock. Irma Svanadze is preparing for new voices with her husband, Ralph Bourleson, daughter Anabel and two dogs.

– I’m from Kutaisi. I was 16 years old from Kutaisi directly in Paris where I was invited to study at the Conservatoire. After graduating from Paris Conservatoire, I continued to study at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, after which the famous pianist, Lexo Toradze, invited me to Indiana University, where I received a Master’s Degree and then at Michigan State University, I decided to continue my studies on Doctoral Program and met Ralph Bourdeson.
Ralph created his first company at the age of 16. The whole life was in business and lived in different countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Brazil … 10 years in the top of the “Macrofo” top, after which he decided to go for a year and was busy with his hilarious pilot – exactly the year of our meeting, lived in temporary Michigan And worked in one of the American airlines.
Our meeting took place in a book shop in a small cafe where I went to drink coffee. After getting acquainted with Ralph and briefly speaking, we changed the phone numbers. I warned you not to pay for 2 months because I was preparing for the tour and would not have free time. Two months later I called and asked me: Tomorrow or tomorrow, I’ll go to New York. I thought he was joking, but the next day he called me from the airport and asked me to meet him there. The idea of a fascinating unordered visit and I agreed. As soon as we got out of the airport in New York, we met with Limousine. I still wanted to walk in this city, travel to the subway and communicate with the people that I did not get in the car and spent the whole day with metro and buses, which I still remember bitterly.

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On my second visit she took me and herself (she also studied at Doctorate in Michigan State University and lived together). This time Ralph wanted to ride a small plane and flew on one of the islands … After that Ralph decided that we would go to Seattle to Michigan until we had finished studying, and when I had finished studying, I went to San Francisco and was born there Anabel also. Both of us loved this city, but we wanted to keep the first years in Georgia in order to feel Georgian more. So, in 2011, in Kutaisi, we moved to a small apartment of my parents and at the same time decided to do business work. We have established a financial organization and besides that, the NGO also holds free seminars and helps many young people in the regions to go the road. My and Ralf’s pride is the GC Park in Kutaisi, which is a small but bright and green spot in the central district of parking lots and concrete.
– Why did you decide to go to cruise and live on the ship?
– We love traveling both. Most importantly, we never expect when we have enough money to travel. Anabel was 3 years old when we decided to take care of Europe by car. We bought an old car in Germany and for two months we lived in a car. We do not like comfort, but we can not stop the good conditions, and as a result, we have made many adventures. Still in San Francisco, we were told that we had a small minibus in South America about 5-6 years. Years have passed, but you can not fulfill this dream. Anabel has grown up, too, and unfortunately, because of the 24-hour work, we have lost much of his life.
Ralph always loved a boat trip. I lived in Seattle, but I was terribly afraid of water and swimming, so I always refused to travel on the idea of traveling on my ship.

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In April 2017, we had a red bottle of red tastes and we returned to our dream. It was estimated that 5-6 years had passed, Anabel was 7 years old. During that period we were nearly two years old in the US, in Nevada, we lived in the beautiful Taoho Lake and still far away from our dreams.
After a few glasses of drinking wine I was joking – just take me to South America and go to Jandabah on the ship. That evening, about a month later, the vessel was selected. In April, we went to see the ship to the Caribbean Islands and bought it.
– How to get ready to live on the ship?
– I and other families living on an abbey ship contacted me to prepare for everything as much as possible. At the same time, we had to leave the house and get it ready for sale and we got everything we had, because we did not have much space on the ship.
The ship is “beautiful”, on our social network and our family – “anarists” (Anna + artists + a little anarchists).


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